Sea Glass

Sea Glass

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**The dye I use for this fabric has been discontinued. I will be creating a new recipe with new dye colors. The listing photos will be updated when I get a good color match. For now, the original colors are being used, but soon I will be forced to use different shades. 

One of my favorite things is walking on the beach and searching for Sea Shells. I can get lost in thought for hours just strolling along and searching for treasures. Once in a while when you're searching for shells you might catch a glimpse of Sea Glass! It’s a wonderful find when you come across one. Smooth and etched over time by the sand. Sea Glass is best when it is found in various colors, and this is what my Sea Glass fabric represents.  

A wonderful blend of white, light green and blue, sometimes even a little bit of purple mixed in. No two pieces are alike, just like real Sea Glass.  

Sometimes light, sometimes dark, your choice of fabric will determine the shade of Sea Glass you receive. My mood also seem to influence my pour on this color. Sometimes I am feeling a little bold and the shade my darken up a little. This is one color that will vary a lot from batch to batch. 

Fabric Information: All of the fabrics are Zweigart unless otherwise listed. Sizes for each fat quarter vary depending on the size of the bolt I am cutting from. There are 2 Charles Craft options that are available. Charles Craft is available in 14 and 18 counts.

Please allow up to 6 weeks for shipping. Each fabric is custom made to order.

  Future batches of this color will not be exact carbon copies of photographed colors. Each dye batch is unique. Photos colors may vary depending on device, my recipe stays the same. Colors may vary slightly between jars of dye. 

Fabric size is measured before dyeing. Fabrics will shrink during the dyeing process. I recommend starting all projects in the center of Hand Dyed fabrics.