Fabric of the Month

2024 Fabric of the Month

The 2024 Fabric of the Month (FOTM) is going back to a classic FOTM format of a mixture of colors and neutrals with one change, now there will be 2 clubs in one. You will be able to select Light or Dark. Each month, I will select one color and dye a batch of Light, and a batch of Dark. I have always wanted to make some dark FOTM shades, but I realize that most people either prefer Light shades or Dark shades. Not everyone likes a dark background. Now you will be able to pick what suits your stitching needs. The whole year will be single colors. No new dual colors in 2024 FOTM. 

Please note that Dark colors are more likely to release some color when you wash them. Wash projects with a color catcher to prevent color from settling on your threads. Please see the How to Wash a Finished Project blog post for more washing instructions. https://mysticfabrics.com/blogs/news/how-do-i-wash-a-finished-project

How It Works

The 2024 Fabric of the Month (FOTM) will be billed automatically on a monthly basis. I bill FOTM through PayPal around the 20th of each month.  FOTM will then ship around the 1st. (I will not ship before the 1st of the month because I am still processing the fabrics) Then, a few days after I ship, you will receive a brand new color to stitch and enjoy!

If you ever need to cancel, just fill this form out again and select that you are dropping out of the FOTM. Please do so before the 20th of the month, that is when I upload all entries for the current FOTM. 

Prices range between $18-$31 per FQ depending on your fabric choice. You can even chose a Half Yard, or two pieces.

I like to keep a wide variety of colors and shades in the club, so you will see some single color, as well as some dual color pieces. Every once in a while, there will also be one that is multiple colors.

I do recommend Zweigart Aida for the best Dual Color shades, but if you prefer Charles Craft, it dyes nicely as well. It does do better with single color dyes though.

Most years, I do not offer a January FOTM. I take a break at the end of the year.

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