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Lima Bean

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Lima Bean is a light green with a shade very close to a baby lima bean. It has been a popular color on a wide variety of projects since it was released. The simplicity of this color makes it so beautiful. The green mottles nicely and the shade is consistent between fabric types. Lugana may show more yellow tone.

 In the images, the first image shows (from top) Opal Lugana and Lugana, Opal Linen and Linen. The second image shows a variety of Aida and Opal Aida. 

Please allow up to 6 weeks for shipping. Each fabric is custom made to order.  

Each dye batch is hand dyed to order and unique. Future batches of this color will not be exact carbon copies of photographed colors. Photos colors may vary depending on device, my recipe stays the same. Colors may vary slightly between jars of dye and rolls of fabric. 

Fabric Information: All of the fabrics are Zweigart unless otherwise listed. Sizes for each fat quarter vary depending on the width of the roll I am cutting from. There are 3 Charles Craft fabrics: 14, 16 and 18 Aida. Fabric is measured before dyeing. Fabrics will shrink during the dyeing process. I recommend starting all projects in the center of Hand Dyed fabrics. 

 Charles Craft Aida sizes

  • Fat Quarter 18x30
  • Fat Half 30x36

Zweigart sizes:

  • Fat Quarter: Aida 18x29, Linen and Lugana 18x27
  • Fat Half: Aida 29x36, Linen and Lugana 27x36