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Shade of Beige (mid size)

Shade of Beige (mid size)

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I need a way to test some new colors. So, here is a Shade of Beige. I will be trying out some new Beige/Cream/Tan dyes. All of these will be a light shade and useful for a lot of patterns. I will try to keep these in stock, when they get close to running out I will dye a new batch. Photos are an example of color, not exactly what will ship. 

These fabrics are an odd size, larger than a fat quarter, smaller than a fat half. Great for patterns that need an in-between size.

Each dye batch is hand dyed to order and unique. Future batches of this color will not be exact carbon copies of photographed colors. Photos colors may vary depending on device, my recipe stays the same. Colors may vary slightly between jars of dye and rolls of fabric. 

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