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Bit Bags

Bit Bags

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What are Bit Bags? Small bags of small cuts that are normally around 7x9 but they can vary slightly. The fabrics have mainly cut edges and are not serged. These are perfect for stitching smaller pieces or ornaments. They are nice and small and the perfect size to pop into your travel Stitchy bag. 

Bit bags contain small cuts of various counts and colors. They are divided up into fabric type. I save all of my flaws for 3-6 months and make these bags up from time to time. Flaws could be from the following: Small Cuts, spots on fabric, being off color, weave flaws from the manufacturer, and unsold fabrics. There are a lot of reasons I toss fabric into the Bit Bag Bin.

Colors vary by bag, there are quite a few duplicate colors this time. Prices are 30% off of full price for the amount of fabric. 

All bags contain more than a fat quarters worth of fabric. 8 pcs per FQ.  Each bag contains:

Aida 14-8ct - 15 or so pieces per bag

Linen (has a lot of beige) 28-40 - 14 or so pieces per bag

Colorful Linen 28-40 (mostly colors but has a couple beige) - 15 or so pieces per bag

Opal Linen ( lots of doubles)- 18 or so pieces per bag 


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