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Linen Grab Bags-Fat Eighth

Linen Grab Bags-Fat Eighth

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Please read! Grab bags are not dyed and wont be dyed until orders are complete. If you include any other colors from the web site in your order, your shipment will be delayed 4-6 weeks until I dye the other colors. Items such as needles, lotion, and Q Snaps can ship with Grab Bags. Preferred shipping method for 2 or more bags is UPS. It will get to you faster. Please allow 6-8 weeks for me to dye and ship. Longer times could happen if sales go beyond what I am expecting.  

Its time to stock up on small pieces and give yourself a little surprise this holiday season. Grab bags include 4 fat eighths of fabric in your choice of count/fabric type.

This year the Multi-Color bags will contain 4 of the following: Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Medium (some are dark) Blue, Lavender, or Purple. Previous years colors shown. If you chose to purchase 2 Multi-Color grab bags of the same count, there will be a combination of 8 different colors in your package.  I can not guarantee one of every color if you purchase 2 separate counts/fabric types because quantities vary by fabric type.

You can also select a Neutral bag and these will include 4 neutrals including beige, cream, ecru, brown, gray, black, rust, or green. If you chose to purchase 2 grab bags of the same count in Neutrals, there will be a combination of 8 different colors in your package

Each bag will have 4 fat eights approximately 13x18. The last photo is Linen top and Lugana bottom so you can see the similarities in shade. 


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