Raw Materials have increased recently, some of the fabric prices have increased, and more may also increase as I balance out the cost incurred to me.

Due to Dye Suppliers having limited supplies of dyes, some orders may take longer to fulfill. I do have dye on hand and I will have to ensure I have enough orders for a full batch before mixing dye. If I believe your order will be delayed I will send an email and let you know. I will do my best to ensure prompt delivery of your order. If I feel I am too low on a dye color I will remove the listing before I dye the last batch. If the items is listed, I should have the dye for at least one more batch. 

Orders with multiple pieces may be split up into multiple shipments.  

I reserve the right to cancel orders if there are mistakes with prices listed. 

Please allow up to 6 weeks for shipping. Most fabric is custom made to order. Fabrics are dyed in batches and I need a few weeks for orders to build up. There are times when I do have extra fabric in stock from previous batches. If I do, it will ship faster. I do not keep a large inventory of fabrics. If there is an issue with fabric shortages from my supplier, I may message you and request an extension.  Thank you for your understanding.